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A few Frequently Asked Questions! Feel free to also shoot me a note through the Contact page!

Where should I go/eat/stay?
Check my Guides tab, which will continue to be updated regularly!

For Any Question Relating to Those Wanting to Write and Travel:
I know we would all be friends. So many of us love to travel, meet great people and discover the best places around the world. It is so nice to hear from many of you who want to work in this industry! And while I would absolutely love to sit down with each and every person, I just don't have the time. Hopefully we can meet at a meet-up or somewhere around the world!

I was a journalism major and always wanted to associate myself with and write for nationally recognized brands that I love. I have been tearing out pages of magazines for over 15 years and knew the editors and writers that were on the travel writing landscape. I made it my business to be in the know even before I had relationships in the industry. This blog is not my primary source of income. Writing gigs and other consulting projects are.
What I do now took nearly ten years of struggle, challenge, wrong turns and missteps. It wasn't a straight path. And there is still much more I want to do. In short, everything I would tell you is in Gary Vaynerchuk's "Crush It." I read it in one sitting on a flight from NYC to Dublin and it gave me focus and inspiration that I never had before. I always knew what I wanted but never knew how I'd get there. Like I said, I am still not even close to where I want to be. I'm in the midst of the struggle too. But if you want to travel for your job, you have to look at the options. Are you a good writer? Then you have to A. Write and B. Travel. I cannot stress these points enough and how much money I saved working at things I hated in order to start what I do now.
You have to absolutely love and thrive on writing to make a living writing in any way.

There are other ways to travel without being a writer. You can be a tour guide (I did it in Europe for a couple of years), work in public relations for a travel/lifestyle based company, or work at a hotel company that allows you freedom to grow in your career and travel throughout the properties. The more corporate jobs are great for most people because of the steady paycheck and ability to live a more balanced life.  It is tough for me to recommend to someone "go be a travel writer" if they don't have savings or a good support system, because it just doesn't work easily for most people, especially in the changing media landscape. Create a portfolio. Start writing locally in your own city. Start right out of college if possible, something that I didn't do. Don't just knock on doors - be a human wrecking ball and smash through them. Write for very little money if you have to get clips, BUT don't do it forever. Give it a time limit and then know your worth and demand it. Twitter matters. Facebook matters. Instagram matters. Be on there. Network but not in an obvious way. Relationships matter. By constantly trying to get in front of people, even if it took a year or more, I have made relationships in the industry that are priceless. I've worked really, really hard for the relationships I have and have made it a policy not to connect people unless I have personally known them for many years and can vouch for them.

I wish there was some easy way of telling people - do this, then this and you'll get this. Unlike medical school or law school or many other jobs, there isn't a direct path to traveling for a living. I want both - travel and a great home life. That is what I'm trying to build...and I'm not there yet.
I wish you the best of luck in what you do!

Some great articles I've read on the subject of travel writing and careers in general:
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Can you meet for coffee?
I love all of you and your passion for writing, travel and media. But when I'm not on the road (sometimes 3 weeks out of every month) or on deadline (most days that I'm home), I am spending time with my family, dog, and friends. If you'd like to come to a meet-up in New York or other cities around the world where I host them, please send me an email and I'll put you on the mailing list!

Can I guest blog?

Will you test/review/blog/rave about my app/site?
Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to dedicate the deserved amount of time to reviewing apps or websites. If you read the blog, you will notice that I only write about my personal hotel and travel experiences on the road and at home in New York. I wish you the best of luck!