All-Time Favorite Recipes

I am always curious what people actually eat. I have spent so much of my writing career researching restaurants, hotel dining, cities, markets, chefs - but my favorite hobby is cooking and baking at home. I know so many of you are the same - you read cookbooks like novels. If I've had a long day, there is nothing better than disappearing into a well-written, beautifully photographed cookbook. 

My favorite lunch is some variation of roasted vegetables (butternut squash in the fall), farro, feta cheese, and pumpkin seeds with an olive oil and white balsamic dressing. I love brown rice, broccoli, and feta with chia seeds sprinkled on top for dinner. I eat Wasa crackers with apples and peanut butter for lunch. But I love, love, love having time to cook a real recipe. 

I am a journalist by nature and job - so I'm obsessively curious. This translates to home cooking - while I am nowhere near a professional, I obsess over finding the best recipe and ingredients. And it has to be mostly easy. 

I could eat pasta every night, but I'd weigh 50 pounds more. Basically, I try to eat a ton of vegetables, not drink a lot of alcohol, and limit desserts to three bites. But what is life without pasta or sugar? These are the recipes I crave when I am traveling - the ones that are 100%, totally worth making (again and again).