Flytographer Shoot in Berlin!

I don't buy much when I travel, but I've always taken hundreds of photos. But when you're traveling with a group, the photos end up being of some of you, or weird, blurry selfies.

My siblings and I rented an apartment in Berlin last weekend - the first time we had done this without parents. I wanted to get some great photos of us and a friend recommended Flytographer. They connect you to local photographers in over 150 destinations around the world. It's SO EASY and fun! We chose the one-hour package, which included 1-2 locations, and 30 digital photos. All I said was that I wanted the photos to feel "very Berlin." These were snapped on the most gorgeous August evening, at the Oberbaumbrücke, near the East Side Gallery.

I can't recommend this company highly enough and can't wait to use them again. Thank you, Nina Reinsdorf, for taking our photos!

Here are some of my favorite shots.