Pit Stop for Pie

I've been meaning to write about pie for a few weeks now. On our way back to NYC from the Syracuse area over New Year's (which took 4 days because we got stranded here) - we stopped for some killer pie, thanks to an insider tip from a long-time web friend (I love you Internet!). 


This plays to my love of discovery all over the world, and I mean everywhere. Who knew there is adventure, great pie and a fun story to be found on I-81 in the middle of Pennsylvania?! 

From Binghamton (or Syracuse/Finger Lakes region), head down I-81 towards NYC. Bingham's Family Restaurant is just off Exit 211 on I-81. If presidential endorsements cause your heart to go aflutter, it has the stamp of approval from President Obama. It's diner-style so you can get a full meal. But you can also just pop in for pie at the counter - rows and rows of pies waiting for you to buy them. You can get slices or whole pies - and you can't go wrong with the caramel apple, with a "Crumb Topping of Brown Sugar & Pecans drizzled with Gooey Caramel." And let's be honest, if you're having pie at 1 p.m., it'd best be called lunch.


If you're a fan of The Office, you'll have to stop in Scranton after your pie pilgrimage - the famous "SCRANTON welcomes you" sign is now on display in the Mall at Steamtown. Scranton has a reputation for being exceedingly boring (much of it thanks to The Office!) but I was pleasantly surprised - it is is very old-timey, nostalgic Americana, with a cute downtown and the remnants of a early 1900's industrial powerhouse. A fun stop!