The Lakes District - Best Gingerbread In The World


Last Christmas, I bought gingerbread from a shop in NYC and took it in to eat it while enjoying the Rockettes' Christmas Spectacular. It was the most disgusting hunk of cardboard and tasted like stale black licorice. I don't even like fresh black licorice.

At that very moment, someone in the charming little town of Grasmere, in the Lakes District of northern England was eating gingerbread heaven. But it wasn't until recently that I got to try it for myself.

I bow down to this fabulous lady named Sarah Nelson who started making this recipe in the 1850's. Today, it is made fresh every day, only in Grasmere. It is unlike any gingerbread you know - more like a soft cookie, with a crumbly sugary layer over the whole thing.

The tiny shop fits maybe 6 people - so you won't have a lot of room or time to browse.


Inside the shopIt is addicting - we bought a couple pieces, went off for coffee and tea at Baldry's nearby and then went BACK for a 12-pack of gingerbread each. It lasts only a few days which is part of what makes it so special. It's best in Grasmere, eaten with a cup of tea, and will always remind you of the Lakes District.


Pretty daffodils outside the churchyard where the shop isEntrance to shopA great place to have tea in Grasmere - Baldry'sTempting treats in Baldry's