Washington Square Park's Famous Dosa Man

It's that time of year when food trucks in New York are as ubiquitous as taxi cabs - sometimes you just want something quick to eat under the shade of trees on a hot day. But aside from the trend and ever-growing onslaught of food trucks, there is still the legend in Washington Square Park, the Dosa Man, who is originally from Sri Lanka. A dosa is popular in South India, made from rice and lentils. People love the masala dosa, which is stuffed with potatoes, vegetables and spices. You can ask him to explain each dish if you don't understand the menu. I enjoyed my dosa but didn't think it was spectacular, a little dry. You definitely need a cold bottle of water because of the spices. What I loved was the Dosa Man himself, who was charming and funny with the most genuine smile. He's on the southern border/sidewalk on the park - at W. 4th & Sullivan Streets.