Photo Tour of the Hotel Cipriani, Venice, Italy

The famous Hotel Cipriani poolWhen I was writing this piece on the Hotel Cipriani in Venice, I was inspired to go back and find my favorite photos from the property. I stayed in a room that had outdoor space and opened up to the famous pool. Each room is different and has its own charms.

I wish I could bottle up how I felt at the Cipriani and take it with me because I'm sure I'd be able to conquer anything feeling the way I felt there. I know I blabber about hotels on this blog and how I love so many of them, but the Cipriani is the best of the best.  The fact that it's on Giudecca Island, a short boat ride away from the chaos of St. Mark's Square and the Venice we all know is one of its greatest advantages. Someday I will stay there during the September Venice film festival!

My roomThe outdoor patio of my room - had coffee every morning here! Quite a selection right? LobbyLunch by the pool

Patio by the pool

Cipriani Arrival - The wonderful greeter at the boatLoved walking around the groundsThe best time of day - dusk

Beautiful water glasses - Dinner at Cip's Club Fresh Fish at Cip's Club Entrance to the gym (needed after eating Cipriani pasta pomodoro)One of George Clooney's drink creations at the bar Breakfast BuffetMore of the breakfast buffet Approaching St. Mark's Square from the Cipriani boat

The boat that takes guests back and forth

Forbes - Enjoying George Clooney's Drinks at the Hotel Cipriani

The Hotel Cipriani in Venice, by Orient-Express, is 100% perfect. There just isn't anything I could find wrong with it - it is flawless from start to finish. I loved chatting with the bartender Walter about his 34-year career at the Cipriani, the celebrity guests he has gotten to know, and the two drinks he created with George Clooney.  The story on Forbes is here.

Walter Bolzonella, Hotel Cipriani

But I Don't Want to Leave! Hotel Cipriani in Venice

I actually shed a tear leaving here. Maybe two. I love so many of the hotels I stay at (as is obvious by this blog) but the Hotel Cipriani in Venice was on another level. I liked it at first and then it felt like my first crush in high school, where I wanted to be around him every second of every day. I fell completely under the Cipriani spell. Open for 50 years, it is one of the most popular celebrity hotel haunts in the world.  It's located on Giudecca Island, which is a 7-8 minute boat ride from where San Marco is, the heart of Venice. I actually want to invite everyone that works there to my wedding because they are so fun.

A couple photos until I get all my pieces written and can post more...

Beautiful gardens in the frontTruly the best Pasta Pomodoro ever