Friday Links to Love from Scottsdale, Arizona

I hope you have settled in for a relaxing holiday weekend! The air is different here in Arizona and I always have zero motivation to do anything except lounge around, watch movies, and see old friends.

One of the great pools at the Fairmont Scottsdale PrincessI've already checked a few things off my Things I Love About Arizona list-including lots of time at Gainey Village Health Club, Bamboo Club orange chicken, Fashion Square, and walking my dogs.

This week, in the spirit of Arizona, I am loving this just-released book by my friend Katarina Kovacevic, the Food Lover's Guide to Phoenix and Scottsdale. She's a brilliant writer and I wish I had time to try all the places I didn't know about! Many favorites, like T. Cook's at the Royal Palms, Arcadia Farms, Cartwright's, Postino, Greasewood Flat, The Herb Box, Pizzeria Bianco, Cave Creek Coffee Company & Wine Bar, Chelsea's Kitchen, Tarbell's, and Malee's Thai Bistro, are included.

It was announced this week that the ultimate hipster hotel brand, The Ace, is opening a branch in downtown Los Angeles in the 1927 United Artists Building, a landmark that hosted many star-studded movie premieres.  "Sources say that the Ace intends to make a fully renovated and reactivated theater the showpiece of its future hotel," says the Hollywood Reporter.

I enjoyed Liz Lange's Top 5 New Year's Resolutions for Entrepreneurs on Forbes, including Obsess About Your Business and Engage Your Audience.

TriBeCa Citizen, a great info-packed neighborhood blog, posted an insider's look into the Woolworth Building.  The grand staircase and mosaic-tiled domed lobby ceiling are gorgeous. The post says, "Rumor has it some floors will be converted to pricey condominium units."

Brunch at the new Sarabeth's in TriBeCa

Opinions on where to go for Sunday brunch often reach heated levels, especially when picking a neighborhood. I love Five Points (my post here), for example, but I don’t LOVE walking around the surrounding neighborhood of NoHo. I LOVE walking in TriBeCa, and so when I heard Sarabeth’s was opening a branch here, I booked a reservation.  That’s key point #1: You can book a reservation on OpenTable here. Score!  
From the outside walking by, you might think the place is small and cozy.  Wrong. For New York standards, it’s huge.  The first thing you see is stacks of gorgeous Sarabeth’s cookbooks next to stacks of their jams and the croissant, muffin and cookie choices for the day.  
And the menu is great-egg dishes, of course, but also sandwiches and lobster rolls.  It’s hard to find that perfect New York brunch, where ambiance and buzz meet with reservations-accepted and freshly squeezed orange juice.  Sarabeth’s TriBeCa is it.  This is by far the best of their locations. 

Perfect Spring Day in TriBeCa

There are certain days in New York that are Perfect 10's.  In the spring and summer, they are usually sandwiched between a rainy day and a day when humidity is 90%.  So when the Perfect 10's come along, I usually try to be outside at all times.  I snapped this photo when I walked down to Whole Foods in TriBeCa to pick up ingredients for this delicious dish.

Perfect day, wonderful neighborhood