Topsail Beach


My dear friend Misty always told me that Topsail was her happy place. Huh? Where? What? Topsail? Turns out it's in North Carolina, south of the more "famous" Outer Banks.

This year, she and her family invited us down to spend a long weekend with them. Despite the forecast of 100% gross rain, we had a beautiful weekend.  


I've spent a lot of time on Kiawah Island in South Carolina but this was a totally different feel - undiscovered, relaxing, not a single ounce of pretension. The days felt long in the best kind of way. Of course, I woke up early on Saturday to watch as much Royal Wedding coverage as possible. 

We flew into Raleigh, drove to New Bern (because it has Swiss roots and was the birthplace of Pepsi, even though obviously Coke is better), and then to Topsail. If you drive straight there, it's almost three hours. One of the reasons it has maintained its hidden gem status is that it's not easy to get to. 

We did spend a few hours in Wilmington (an hour from Topsail) because Dawson's Creek was filmed there and my high school self wanted to freak out a bit. It had that beautiful southern college town feel (complete with weird tattoo and incense shops).