A Great Travel Shoe - Tieks

I've been attending Clinton Global Initiative this week, the annual gathering of global leaders in New York City that was founded by Bill Clinton. It's not about politics (Mitt Romney is speaking today) - it is about what everyone from small communities to big business can be doing to help solve extremely tough issues: health care, environmental, women's rights, basic food and water needs, the uprisings in the Middle East, etc.

For the opening session where President Clinton spoke, I wore 4-inch heels, not expecting to be standing for very long. I ended up having to stand for 3 hours in the press pen. Thankfully, I had remembered to pack my Tieks ballet flats, in Obsidian Black, which I put on after the opening session. And I still would have felt great meeting the President wearing them. I also brought my Tieks to Peru, which I slipped on after a long cocktail party. The photo below is from Peru, when I slipped them into my party bag.

They're comfortable, foldable, portable and totally chic. Plus, they come in the cutest packaging, a blue gift box. You'll want to collect them all. Next up is Metallic Pewter or Ruby Red Patent for me!