Things I Love About Santa Fe & Taos...and Off to China

Earthships outside of TaosBy the time you read this, I will be on my way or have landed in Shanghai.  I am going on an Abercrombie & Kent tour exploring rural areas of China, as well as a 3-day Yangtze River cruise.  I haven't been this excited about a trip in awhile. I have always wanted to go to China, and to experience it with one of the greatest China guides ever, Gerald Hatherly? Even better. I'm hoping I'll have great, fast Internet access...but I probably won't.  I don't know how much I'll be able to post while over there. I picture a world with fast, free WiFi everywhere in my lifetime! 

But back to Santa Fe. I love Santa Fe. And on this trip, I stayed in Taos, at our friend Liz's beautiful, cozy house (Liz cheerfully telling us about bears on her property didn't sway us from moving in for the weekend). 

Here are some of the things I loved about our trip. 

Amazing brunch at Cafe Pasqual's

Sunsets like these...on the road from Santa Fe to Taos

Chunky, colorful Southwestern jewelryFall in Santa Fe's square The view from Liz's backyard in TaosOne of my new favorite places...dinner at the Love Apple in Taos Beautiful but deserted Taos Ski ValleyMe on the hot air balloon during the Taos Balloon FestivalGorgeous view over Taos from the hot air balloonThe historic Taos Inn-how great is that sign? My big purchase from the trip-this super cool chips & dip server from Nambe in Taos

Just Back From Taos

Between Maui in August, Jordan in September, India in October, and prepping for China on Friday, I have wanted to be a total homebody in New York...especially to be able to write about all these experiences and finish assignments.  But Andy and I took off for a quick trip to Santa Fe and Taos this weekend, staying at our wonderful friend Liz's house in Taos along with another one of our favorite people, Adrienne.  We even hopped off in Dallas for an unexpected layover/night so Andy could watch Game 7 of the World Series with his family (unfortunately, it didn't end as they wanted). 

I'm going to catch up on posts this week but here's a photo of the backyard at Liz's house-it was so great to be back in the Southwest!  Can you just smell the mountain air?  I'm really looking forward to spending Christmas at home in Arizona.