Friday Links to Love from Sheraton Wild Horse Pass, Arizona

I'm home! But...I'm staying in hotels! Writing this from the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass, a beautiful hotel that feels NOTHING like a typical Sheraton - it reflects the beauty and heritage of the Native American land it sits on.  And it's right nearby Rawhide, the coolest fake Western town.  It really is strange to not be staying at home snuggled up with my family's dogs, but so great to see Arizona/Scottsdale/Phoenix through new eyes.  When I'm home, I normally stay within 5 miles of our house and hit up my favorite old spots.  Ready to put on my cowboy boots and hit the horseback riding trails tomorrow!

This week, I loved:

  • Cute kids with swag - may my future child be as cool
  • I saw A Separation, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film this year. I couldn't believe when I checked Rotten Tomatoes, it was 99% fresh. Unheard of? It's heavy, but really worth seeing. You'll want to talk about it for hours.
  • Never Before Seen Photos of NYC (Photo of painters on the Brooklyn Bridge is amazing!)
  • Five Reasons To Eat Organic Apples (I can't eat an apple that isn't organic anymore - or really any of the fruits/veggies on the Dirty Dozen list of most highly contaminated produce)