Dean & Deluca

The first time I heard of Dean & Deluca was while watching Felicity on the WB, as she worked at the store while going to the "University of New York." I was 16 or 17 and loovveed all things Felicity (at least seasons 1 & 2). When I first moved to the city, my gym was directly across from their flagship SoHo location at Broadway and Prince and would too often stop in after to do my grocery shopping. Now there are shops all over the city. Like the best gourmet markets, it is overpriced but you're paying for ambiance and an incredibly well-curated selection of items. I have never had a bad piece of fruit here, and after years of too many mealy peaches, I will pay $5 a peach for it to taste like a peach should. It is overrun with tourists at times, but I love when it first opens and that wafting smell of coffee hits you coming in from a snowy January morning off the SoHo streets. Now that we moved, I don't shop here a lot, but when I do, I always spend way more than I should.

If you don't live near Dean & Deluca, check out their site where you can order all their signature items like spices, pasta, sauce, coffee, kitchen items and more.


The New Chobani Store in SoHo


After spending five days in Vegas, I needed New York. Every year in August, right around my birthday, the weather changes and you can feel fall in the air. It's just a tease - it always gets hot and humid again - but it always makes me want to spend hours outside. This weekend, Andy and I took Rocco to work for a few hours at an outside table at The Half Pint, had dinner in Nolita at Peasant, took a long walk through the East Village, did a 13-mile early morning bike ride through Central Park, scouted out a classic NYC pizza spot, L&B Spumoni Gardens and walked 8 miles through Brooklyn and over the bridge. On our walk home, we spotted the new Chobani store in SoHo.


This place is fantastic. It's like an ice cream shop, except with Greek yogurt creations. The same stuff you buy at the grocery store but it somehow tastes 10x better. It comes in a little glass cup (return it & you get 25 cents off your next purchase). I got toasted coconut, pineapple, walnuts & a drizzle of light agave syrup over 0% plain yogurt and could eat it morning, noon and night.

Chobani SoHo: 150 Prince Street at West Broadway


Inspiration for the Home from the Journey: Global Table in SoHo

When my friends were visiting a couple of weeks ago, we walked home on Sullivan Street in SoHo and stumbled upon Global Table, a small store that could keep me occupied for hours looking at each distinctive piece, many perfect for my new apartment or for a housewarming gift.  The owner scouts the dishes and accessories from all over the world and on her travels.  As someone who loves tea, I especially loved the  unique tea pots and sets, made from materials like glazed ceramic, cast iron, and stainless steel.  It was great inspiration for my home from someone who loves to travel as much as I do.

Christmas in NYC: Wollman Rink, The Pierre Hotel, & Kelley & Ping

Check out the kid near the orange cone about to slip on the ice!

Last week, we celebrated my friend's 30th birthday with ice skating at Wollman Rink, followed by a wonderful festive time at Two e Lounge at The Pierre Hotel. Two e Lounge is my new favorite spot to meet up with people. I have been three times in the past two weeks! The night's high point was an impromptu living nativity scene in front of The Pierre's Christmas tree. I'm going to post this photo because I can't stop laughing looking at it.  I'm a sheep. Notice the angel in the back, "wise guy" bringing cupcakes as a gift, Mary, Joseph, and shepherds.  Baby Jesus looks like a fur ball.  Who says you can't have massive amounts in a fun in a really fancy, fabulous hotel?

End of the night at The PierreWe also went to my favorite neighborhood Asian spot, Kelley & Ping in SoHo, last week. This is the best spot-I've NEVER waited even during prime times on Friday & Saturday nights. It's also inexpensive for NYC.  Great Christmas decorations!


Andrew Carmellini's The Dutch in SoHo

All I can say is, GO. Andrew Carmellini has created another amazing menu and environment inspired by "local cafés, country inns, corner taverns, neighborhood bistros, seaside shacks, roadside joints, old school dining halls and the same mix of cultural influences that make New York City great."

This venture follows Carmellini's delicious success of Locanda Verde in Robert DeNiro's Greenwich Hotel. The Dutch is on a picture-perfect SoHo street corner, is always hopping and fun, and serves an amazing $5 oyster slider starter that all the foodie blogs buzz about. Just go. Now. And save room for pie.