Blog Crushes

My life is better because of my daily dose of inspiration from the blogosphere. I love opening my bloglovin' feed and scrolling through. For travel news and inspiration, I read most of the bigger sites and always open National Geographic first, of course. The sites I love the most have real personalities behind them, with great ideas, stories, and photos.

  • The Fitnessista - Gina posts some of my favorite recipes to make (peanut butter cup Amazeballs, cheesy egg & broccoli muffins, crustless mushroom quiche) and is all-around funny, encouraging, and inspiring. She lives with her super adorable husband ("Pilot" on the blog) and baby daughter. If you need a post to start with, check out this one after her husband came home from deployment. Or make those Amazeballs stat and you'll be hooked!
  • Capitol Hill Style - I love reading all of Belle's tips on fashion - clothes, jewelry, shoes and more. I am grateful I don't work in an office but think this is such a great resource for young women just out of college too, trying to figure out what to wear to work. I wish I had this 10 years ago when I started!
  • Style Jaunt - A blog about travel, fashion, and life in New York. Katarina is one of my favorite writers and she also wrote this book about restaurants and markets in Phoenix/Scottsdale, my home town. Plus, in real life, she's just as awesome. 
  • Camels & Chocolate: Tales from a Travel Addict by Kristin Luna - The rare travel blog that I am totally in love with (no gimmicks like "Photos of where I WANT to go but have never been" or massive amounts of guest posts), Kristin is a girl I can get behind on all her adventures. Plus, a total pro. Check out this list of destinations covered!

My constant favorites I've loved for a long time are:

  • Deliciously Organic - Carrie Vitt is a friend and rock star at what she does)
  • Nadine Jolie for beauty tips and travel tales. She is the first blog I read religiously and also amazing in real life
  • Cup of Jo - There is nothing this woman writes I don't love
  • Smitten Kitchen - I get giddy when I see she has put up a new post, not just for the recipe but for her story behind it. Her cookbook is just as wonderful.
  • Garance Doré for a dose of high fashion and funny - it makes me miss my European friends.
  • Nigella Lawson - Nigella's voice, writing, and sense of humor soothes me. She writes fun "witters" about what she's doing, cooking, and eating. Are you watching The Taste? I love it but mostly because of Nigella. Her twitter feed is also fantastic.

I follow many more than those that are on this list - tell me your favorites!