Hotel Rio Sagrado - Peru's Sacred Valley

I'm usually pretty active while traveling. I like getting up early, and going all day - seeing, discovering, eating, stalking places from my lists, talking, meeting, and so on. But when I got to Hotel Rio Sagrado in Peru's Sacred Valley (more of what I loved from The Sacred Valley here), I wanted to do nothing.

Hotel Rio Sagrado I wanted to do nothing except sit on my terrace and watch the Urubamba River go by. I absolutely adored my time here and managed to muster the energy for a massage in the small but lovely spa (it was tough), to bottle feed the baby alpacas, and to have a fantastic dinner with a British journalist that had incredible stories from decades in the biz.

The shower in the bathroom was one of the coolest I've seen - all the benefits of an outdoor shower without having to actually be outside. I loved it.

I loved this shower!

My room viewFeeding time The spa deck

The waiting area in the spa If I close my eyes I can go back here!

The Lush, Gorgeous Sacred Valley of Peru

The Sacred Valley In Peru, I drove from Cusco to the Sacred Valley to stay at the Hotel Rio Sagrado. Though I wasn't there long, I now know those visiting have to spend at least one night in the landscape that meant so much to the Inca people and surrounds Cusco and Machu Picchu.

Most visitors, especially those from Lima that come for weekend getaways, spend time indulging their sporty, adventurous sides in the valley with hiking, horseback riding, rafting and more. Because of my short time there, the best I did was a long walk. I explored the local culture, which still feels somewhat undiscovered, even in well-traveled small towns like Pisaq, which has a bustling Sunday market. I also loved a 30-minute stop at Awana Kancha, an exhibition center that shows off local weavers, along with the chance to feed adorable and totally weird llamas and alpacas.

Pisaq street

The town of Pisaq from above

Shopping and trying local corn

Sunday market in PisaqLoved this tree in PisaqVisiting Awana KanchaYou have to love this one

So many Peruvian potatoes