My Dublin: Queen of Tarts


I had one free day in Dublin before I met up with National Geographic photographer Catherine Karnow. And it was a doozy - pouring rain. I did the Hop On-Hop Off bus tour on the green bus, and on my 8th visit to the city, I was glad to  finally do it. It is the best overview of the city and if you get the right charming Irish guide, truly funny.

Afterwards, I had a few hours to kill. Sometimes the rain can be quite atmospheric and I wander around with a book in my bag that I want to read (and....sometimes spend more time on Instagram). I always dream of finding the perfect coffee and cake shop to crack open the book. Like a British chick lit book come alive.

You guys.

Queen of Tarts is that shop! There are two locations, a five-minute walk from one another. I love the newer one on Cows Lane. Everything is made fresh each morning and the vibe is just so relaxed and lovely. If you see the Queen of Tarts herself, Regina, say hi. She went to culinary school in New York and returned home to open her dream shop. After my first visit, I knew we had to shoot it and write about it for our National Geographic project.

Here is the final report - 10 great foodie spots - check it out if you're headed to Dublin. We worked so hard to come up with this list, visiting so many places and talking to a ton of locals. I am in love with every place on that list. And it's a mix of fancy and casual - includes an ice cream shop, a coffee shop and a wine bar.

Just order the carrot cake at Queen of Tarts. Trust me.