Taking America's Oldest Bike Path to Coney Island

I’ve wanted to ride on Ocean Parkway, America’s oldest bike path, out to Coney Island for awhile.  So I borrowed a bike, Andy took his, and we took off.  We ended up going about 32 miles round-trip and had an awesome time.  Ocean Parkway doesn’t start until you’re in Park Slope, Brooklyn, near Prospect Park.  So we started in Manhattan, rode over the Brooklyn Bridge, through Cobble Hill and on to Prospect Park.  Riding in Prospect Park was my favorite part because you can just cruise.  We entered the park through Grand Army Plaza and the famous arch.


We found this little sign below telling us how to follow Ocean Parkway when we exited the park and hopped on for the last 5 miles out. 


One side of the parkway is for bikes and the other for pedestrians, though most pedestrians either A. had no idea or B. decided to be obnoxious and walk in the bike lane.  Still it’s a straight shot out to Coney Island through the old traditionally Jewish neighborhoods of Brooklyn, which I loved riding through. 


We got to Coney Island, fueled up with smoothies and enjoyed the late summer cooler weather. 


My favorite photo of the day: Yes, this man was jump roping. In his underwear. On the Manhattan Bridge with his clothes folded neatly in a pile next to him. I laugh at this every time I look at it. That's me on the left on the bike.