Mondrian Los Angeles

A "scene" is somewhere I don't normally want to be. Before I booked the Mondrian in L.A., I had heard many things about the hotel and about SkyBar, mostly about what a meat market it was and how "exclusive" it was when it first opened a few years ago. I just don't care. I'd rather be drinking a glass of pinot noir overlooking the Santa Barbara Hills than at a club with a bunch of people I don't know.  But the prices are nice for L.A. and the location great too-you can easily zip anywhere in West Hollywood or Beverly Hills.

I never saw any indication of what I had heard the Mondrian was-SkyBar was fun, with a great cocktail list, and interesting mix of people. The lobby and rooms were Southern California chic-airy white linens, and whimsical touches like a model of a hand on the table, and a flat-screen TV hidden behind a funky circular mirror.  I loved the lovely dressing area in the bathroom-so civilized.

I was in a room with a view of the valet and cars pulling up at the entrance. It wasn't awful, though many of the rooms have fantastic views. The pool is a great oasis & I especially loved it in the morning before everyone else woke up.  Make sure to add in $32 valet parking per day if you bring a car (and who doesn't have a car in L.A.?) and $10 Wifi to the total room cost.