Danube River Cruise - Melk Abbey

After Vienna, the next day's port of call was Melk, Austria for a few hours. I had actually been to Melk before but we had a great guide this time, which makes all the difference. Melk is a sleepy little town with a grand, famous Benedictine Abbey. Today there's a school with 900 students, but we didn't see any of them. We had some free time before returning to the Viking Embla and for me, the highlight was stopping at Hotel Restaurant Zur Post in the tiny town and enjoying a drink with Andy. At around 4:00, groups of Austrian men started to come in, ordered espressos, and went back to their days. A slice of real Austrian life amidst the tourism of Melk.

Hotel Restaurant Zur Post

Arriving at Melk Abbey

The Viking Embla docked in Melk