Sleep No More at the old McKittrick Hotel

Entrance to the McKittrick Hotel

"You have to see Sleep No More" came up in conversation more than a few times this summer.  Friends, strangers, Neil Patrick Harris-all of them could not stop raving about this "unbelievable" show. So Andy and I booked tickets last week and went to 27th Street & the old McKittrick Hotel to see what all the fuss was about.

First of all, as hotel-obsessed as I am, I absolutely loved the uber-creepy factor of being in a hotel that has been abandoned for decades.  Close to the end, you are in the old hotel lobby that hasn't changed a bit.  The keys, wallpaper and decor is THE SAME as it was in 1939 before the hotel failed and closed.  Alfred Hitchcock was an early guest at the hotel and I kept thinking of him and his style throughout the show.  Here's a great recap of the McKittrick from ScoutingNY, where you can see an incredible shot of the hotel lobby. I also loved seeing the old hotel ballroom, where a key scene plays out in Sleep No More.

The show is an interactive retelling of "Macbeth"...a very loose retelling.  Different scenes had blasting music, naked people writhing, people attacking each other and running around with blood all over them, a ballroom dance, and more. Part of the genius is that it is different every time for each person.  I ran into a friend outside who was seeing it for the fourth time.  You wear a white mask the entire time, so it's very voyeuristic.  It's also good to split up with whoever you came with, so you can explore all the rooms and storylines on your own.  The idea is to follow one character throughout, but you can switch to any other character the whole time.  I just followed whoever looked like something exciting was going to happen.

One time is enough for me, but I am glad I went to see the spectacle of Sleep No More.