Let's Talk Luggage

This year, I've carried one item that is a great conversation starter, especially at airports and hotels. "Where'd you get that?" "Love the color!" "I want it!" My purple rolling Lipault bag is the perfect carry-on and I've learned to pack for a week in it. Lipault is a French brand, but the bags are available online and at certain U.S. retailers. 

I'm still looking for the perfect combination of luggage - I want a big black leather tote bag to carry all my magazines, books, paperworks, notebooks, iPad, computer, etc. And I want to find a great piece of bigger luggage that will last a long time. I'm eyeing Hartmann and Tumi. If you have a favorite piece of luggage, I'd love to know!

In Confessions of a Shopaholic, my favorite chick lit book, Becky Bloomwood says "Luggage! As I wander round the department, looking at Louis Vuitton suitcases and calfskin bags, I'm quite thrown. Why on earth have I never considered luggage before?...How can I have just blithely led my life ignoring an entire retail sector?"

Here's my purple Lipault on the patio of my room at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat in Australia.

National Geographic: Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Last week, my gift pick for travelers was included in National Geographic's Holiday Gift Guide 2011, with ten top gift ideas.  While I love a gift card as much as the next person, I was inspired by the other ideas on this list, like adopting an olive tree.

My pick was timely, as I had to buy a new laptop this week and needed a great new case.

Click here to read the rest of the list.

Knomo Laptop Case: Annie Fitzsimmons

"I am a new owner of the ultimate travel laptop, the MacBook Air– after my old, heavy MacBook had an angry run-in with a full glass of water. To protect my purchase (aka lifeline, home office, third arm), I found the most gorgeous line of cases from Knomo London that I will now be giving as gifts this season. I chose the sleek brown leather envelope with velvet lining. It makes me feel more organized than I actually am, and ready to write and work around the world. Knomo also has a great line of luggage, iPad cases, and men’s messenger bags. Even their name, Knomo, is perfect for travelers– it comes from combining “Knowledge” and “Mobility.” MacBook Air Envelope from Knomo London, $79.95"