Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa) & Her Favorite Hotels

I came across an older article from Town & Country featuring a Q&A with my favorite celebrity chef, Ina Garten.  She talks about her favorite flowers, restaurants, destinations, must-haves, stores, tableware and of course, HOTELS!

I've been to The Peninsula Beverly Hills and agree that it's one of the best city hotels, an oasis in the middle of L.A.

A few travel-related highlights from the interview:

Favorite Urban Hotel: "The Peninsula Beverly Hills. When you return, they embroider your name on your pillow."

Favorite Countryside Hotel: "The Splendido, in Portofino, Italy. You order a Campari at sunset on the terrace, overlooking the harbor, and they bring you little silver bowls of olives and potato chips."

Favorite Weekend Destination: "I live in my favorite weekend place, East Hampton."

City to Visit: "Paris! Jeffrey and I love it so much that we bought an apartment there."

Favorite Casual Restaurants: "The 1770 House, in East Hampton. I go there so often I have a corner table in the tavern. It's home cooking in an incredible restaurant. And Taste in New York."

Dream Trip: "For our twenty-fifth anniversary, Jeffrey took me on a garden tour of the Cotswolds. Heaven!"

Cultural Experience: "The Boulevard Raspail organic market, in Paris, on Sundays."

Museum: "The Rodin in Paris. I love the sculpture and gardens."

Favorite Foreign Restaurant: "Lunch at L'Atelier, Joel Rubuchon's restaurant in Paris. All we need are two seats at the counter, but you can never get in, which makes it even more special when you can!"

Restaurants for a Big Night Out: "The Four Seasons Restaurant and Cafe Boulud, both in New York City."

Travel Must-Haves: "I always take my lighter-than-air Hermes blanket and my Loro Piana cashmere eyeshades."

A Place She's Never Been to That She Would Like to Visit: "Greece. I love Greek food."