Sneak Peek: Palacio Nazarenas and a new interview

I'm in Peru! Overnight flight to Lima, connection to Cusco, and my first stamp in my renewed passport. I was warned of potential problems with altitude sickness, as Cusco sits at 11,000+ feet. I walked around for 5 hours today and just took it very slow - every step was noticeably harder and I had to catch my breath especially going uphill. I didn't get a massive headache until after the walk, but spent 10 minutes using one of the hotel's oxygen tanks and felt much better.

View from my balconySpeaking of the hotel, I am completely blown away by the new Orient-Express property here, Palacio Nazarenas and wanted to give a sneak peek - the view from my balcony. Orient-Express also owns Hotel Monasterio in Cusco right next door, generally considered to be the best property in Peru. They feel completely different, but are both culturally signficant buildings turned luxury hotels. The official opening party is tomorrow night, with 250 folks from all over the world celebrating.

Also, here's a recent interview I did if you're interested. I've loved their interviews with travel experts like Christopher Elliott, Valarie D'Elia, Seth Kugel and Matt Gross.

Where does your love of hotels come from?
I grew up in Scottsdale, Ariz., a mecca for beautiful resorts like The Sanctuary and Four Seasons Troon North, and that’s often where groups of us would go and hang out. But really, I just love that checking into a hotel room for even a night allows you to become someone else. I write about hotels and the world around them, so I love what the story of a hotel means to a place. I love the way I feel when I’m there.

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