A Bit of Cute

This is Rocco's preferred spot lately. We finally let him go back into the bedroom when we're gone - when we first got him, he destroyed everything and there were shoe, blanket, and pillow casualties. Now, he just snuggles up, especially with the snow and cold weather we've been having.

I'm prepping for several trips - L.A., D.C., Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruge, Tel Aviv - obsessively researching, going through all my files, and talking to friends. I've been taking advantage of NYC the past few weeks too - going to the old-school Keens Steakhouse, Hearth (cozy East Village spot where I had the best glass of Nero d'Avola wine), a delicious new-ish restaurant in the West Village, Rosemary's, and coming up - Gramercy Tavern, I Sodi, and Babbo. But I have also made sure to have plenty of nights at home, watching New Girl and The Taste.

Have a wonderful weekend!