A Little Bit More of Heaven - Villa San Michele, Italy

The Loggia RestaurantThird day in a row of Villa San Michele posts and I bet no one's getting sick of it. But this is my last one, a final batch of photos - after my room and the cookery school - of this glorious hotel perched in the hills above Florence in the tiny town of Fiesole, that I just had to share. Let's all go back one day and take a pasta class together okay?

Exterior that Michelangelo apparently designedSunshine in the gardens

Wonderful place to start the day with breakfast!

Another room type that I saw That view of Florence againWent to a concert at Villa San Michele one night...didn't understand a word but still nice!

The Most Beautiful View from Villa San Michele

I am staying at Villa San Michele, an Orient-Express hotel, in Fiesole, a swanky suburb high above Florence in the hills just 10-15 minutes away by car. I've had zero free time, but okay, the time has been spent doing everything from cooking classes that inspired me to be a better home cook to touring great fashion museums Gucci & Ferragamo, to dinners that run late...and later...

Here is just a sneak peek at this incredible hotel. This is the view of Florence from the restaurant - a covered patio area that is used when it's warmer. You can see the Duomo in the distance on the right. Imagine having prosecco as the sun sets here. Perfetto!