8 Luxury Travel Trends for Summer 2012-From World's Top Hotels

Check out my latest piece on Forbes - 8 Luxury Travel Trends for Summer 2012 - I love summer and hotels, so this piece was extra fun to write.

I chatted with some of the world's top hotel brands, including Mandarin Oriental, Ritz-Carlton, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Orient-Express, and a great cruise line, Regent Seven Seas, about what they're seeing and the number one thing? People are traveling a LOT. Great news.

The Royal Suite at The Savoy Hotel, London

I toured the magnificent Royal Suite at The Savoy (wrote about my room here), which has one of the coolest marble entrances, huge closet and stately offices I've seen, all with incredible views of the London Eye and Houses of Parliament.

I love this: "The suite also includes a service kitchen - ideal for those traveling with a personal chef."

Photos tell the rest of this royal suite's story, though, of course, it's much more fabulous in real life.

The Savoy Hotel, London

In London, I spent one night at the iconic Savoy Hotel (managed by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts) and interviewed the head butler on the secrets he keeps, which I posted here on Forbes. I didn't want to leave the suite, which had the most incredible view of the London Eye and Parliament, and a living room that made me wish I had invited fabulous London friends over for a cocktail. At night, I looked out at the twinkling lights of Big Ben and half expected to see Peter Pan and Tinkerbell flying over.  I wish I had time to read all of the carefully chosen books on England and London history and personalities on the bookshelf. 

The Savoy underwent an enormous renovation and reopened in November 2010, with Prince Charles there.  It is one of those hotels that is so intertwined with the city that you can't distinguish one without the other. London=The Savoy and The Savoy=London. 

I did leave my room to go bop around London, but I came back earlier, and snuggled up in this perfect little cocoon.  And oh, I had a butler for 24 hours, which is just the greatest thing ever.  Before I left, he asked "May I send your bags ahead to your next destination?" Instead of me struggling with my heavy, awkward bags through the city?  He might as well have told me he had secured an invitation to tea with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.  I have no doubt he actually could though.

View from my room

Door to my room

The lobby at The Savoy My bed

Like I said, isn't this room perfect for a cocktail party?

Another view of the living room

Where afternoon tea is served One of the many pieces of history on display

Amazing start to a day in London