Jordan Hotels: Evason Ma'In Hot Springs & Six Senses Spa

I spent much of last week writing three pieces about Jordan that I will post up as soon as they're published!  I am really excited about them and I'll say it, proud.

Evason Ma'In ExteriorFrom Amman, we headed to Evason Ma'In Hot Springs & Six Senses Spa. This was the hotel I was most excited about prior to leaving, and I was slightly disappointed.  When I walked into the bathroom, I opened the carefully folded bath mat and it was covered in dirt and hair. The hotel prides itself on being eco-friendly (props to that!) but eco-friendly shouldn't mean dirty! Not the best first impression.

Things did improve, however.  Before we got to the hotel, we visited the Qasr Iraq El-Amir ruins and the Iraq El-Amir Women's Cooperative nearby.  Our guide told us that Iraq originally meant "fertile" or "green," which I loved.  A place that is associated with war for most of us today means something full of life.

The Iraq El-Amir Women's CooperativeAt the women's cooperative, we met a group of fabulous, strong women who make paper, fabric, ceramics and food for their community of about 40 to sell in their shop. They are struggling with financial difficulties, such as how to set up a simple website to get the word out.  But their smiles displayed none of the worry.  They made us a delicious lunch of chicken, rice and peanuts.  I also toured a clean, comfortable and bare-bones room they have for tourists at $25 a night, including breakfast.

Room Available For Tourists