Little Cupcake Bakeshop, New York

To me, the cupcake will never be "over."  It is eternally the sweetest treat and New York has an incredible variety of cupcake shops, from my favorite minis to gigantic cupcakes that no one human should ever consume.  When a good friend was in town, we were wandering through Nolita and couldn't resist splitting a lemon cupcake and coffee from the adorable Little Cupcake Bakeshop.  The interiors are happy-go-lucky with bright chandeliers & cheery music. The best is the picture-perfect corner location-you're in the center of Nolita and can go from cupcake to window shopping on Mulberry, Mott, and Elizabeth Streets.

The Village to Two Little Red Hens

When my trip to Whistler was cancelled last week due to snow, I had three unexpectedly free days.  When I first spent time in the city & then moved here permanently, I would spend 5-6 hours per day walking the streets and falling in love.  Then I started working on 27 different things and flying away on trips.  I became that dreaded word...BUSY, just like everyone else working really hard in this city.  But on this precious free day, I decided to walk from Houston Street in the Village, with my end point being Two Little Red Hens on the Upper East Side.

I walked through Curry Hill, where the smell of curry wafted through the air at 27th & Lex.  I browsed in Kalustyan's, considered the best source for Indian & Middle Eastern spices in the city. 

When I arrived at the 59th Street Bridge, I discovered the best Food Emporium in the city, or Bridge Market.  The space is huge and architecturally stunning, as the underside of the bridge is actually the ceiling.  There's even a piano and tables on the second level.  The best part? There was barely anyone in the store when I went in and I didn't have to punch anyone or mutter curse words under my breath as I shopped.

59th Street Food EmporiumFrom there, I pressed on to Two Little Red Hens, a famous bakery on the Upper East Side known for their red velvet cupcakes.  I was especially excited to see that they had mini cupcakes.  The best bites of a cupcake are the first ones, and with mini ones, you can try a few.  Especially after walking 90 blocks in the cold.

And yes, they're famous for a reason.  Highly recommended.

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