Dublin's Coffee Boom

In Dublin, most conversations turned to coffee. I don't know how it happened. I love coffee (though I didn't used to) and didn't mind these chats.

So my media mind raced: it's a TREND.

Coffee is a THING now in Dublin. This could be a story, or part of the larger food story I was writing!

But, as I came to find out, unlike some trends that are...ahem...made up in the media, coffee culture really is booming here.

There are premium coffee shops popping up and Dublin has the "potential to be the next Melbourne!" when it comes to coffee, as one barista told me.

I wrote about Roasted Brown here and thought 3FE was super cool but I wanted to give a shout out to another one of the coffee shops and cafes I loved: Brother Hubbard. In fact, they work with the 3FE team on sourcing and making the best possible coffee.

It feels like such a friendly neighborhood joint, one that you'd love to stumble upon in a foreign city.

Located on Capel Street just outside the busy center, there is a take-away section loaded with treats and a sit-down cafe. Both are fantastic.

Brother Hubbard: 153 Capel Street, Dublin, Ireland

The Original Le Pain Quotidien in Brussels

I live about 5 minutes from a Le Pain Quotidien in New York and hold a lot of my business meetings there. It's easy, with great coffee and food, and feels very European with communal tables and the long wait time to get your check. I found the original Le Pain Quotidien in Brussels today, first opened in 1990 and now with locations all over the world. It is much smaller than other ones and in the cool Dansaert neighborhood, at 16 Rue Antoine Danseart. There is a larger, flagship property in the sophisticated Sablon area, as well as others around the city. Stop by, buy some mini waffles to go or have the tuna/hummus tartine (much better bread than in the states) and pay homage to a chain that is actually consistently good.

Roasting Plant Coffee Company

I don't claim to be a coffee expert (that's Andy). I started liking coffee a couple years ago, and can't believe I went that long without the cappuccino in my life.  One of the coolest coffee shops is the Roasting Plant Coffee Company (and I now live close to the West Village location), started by a former Starbucks exec. The coffee is sent through the "Roasting Plant Javabot," which roasts raw beans, grinds them, and brews the coffee WHEN IT IS ORDERED.  It is definitely the smoothest, and almost creamy, cup of coffee I've ever had.  There's also room to hang out, a rarity in New York coffee shops.

Serious Eats gave Roasting Plant a seriously coveted award when they named their chocolate chip cookie the best in the city.

Part of the Roasting Plant Javabot

Super cool milk & sugar

Jack's Stir-Brewed Coffee

Every neighborhood should have a coffee shop like Jack's Stir-Brewed Coffee, which serves only organic, fairtrade coffee, an incredible chocolate chip cookie, plus lots of tea, juice, and other treats.  If it was just a smidge bigger, it'd have Central Perk potential, but I still love stopping by to meet a friend or read the Sunday Times.  You can easily eavesdrop on conversations as you pretend to be engrossed in the Metropolitan section. 

I met my brother here a couple days ago and we split one of Aunt Rosie's famous, perfect-sized chocolate chip cookies after a walk.  Absolutely worth a stop if you're in the West Village!