Chocolate Mousse in Paris

For a great lunch spot in the Marais, look no further than Chez Janou. It's not undiscovered but when we were there, we were surrounded by French speaking, wine guzzling locals. And just look at the place - it's what you want Paris to look like, right? 

We ordered mussels and white wine, and to finish it off - a bowl of chocolate mousse twice the size of our heads. It is the chocolate mousse of your dreams, like eating a smoothy, creamy, dark but sweet chocolate bar. They spoon out a big blob for each person. Don't put your greedy spoon directly in the bowl for "one last bite" (I would never do that) - they will yell at you. I think they take whatever is left and put it in the next bowl for the next customer.

Address: 2 rue Roger Verlomme, 3rd arr.

Metro: Chemin-Vert, Bréguet - Sabin, Bastille

Mussels at Chez Janou

The Best Caramel & Sea Salt Wafers from London

Olive oil, cheese, tea, wine, and chocolate. When I travel, I often find tiny shops centered around these delicious things, and I rarely get tired of the stories behind them (though I hate the uninspired trend of "pour your own olive oil" shops). In London, we visited tiny Prestat chocolate shop, a Royal Warrant holder, located in the Prince's Arcade off Piccadilly. How did I live this long without tasting one of their caramel and sea salt wafers? Pick up a box of half the wafers robed in dark chocolate, half robed in milk, all with smooth caramel and just a hint of sea salt. The whimsical, bright boxes make it a great gift to lug home.

Prestat's tiny shopBoxes of chocolateBlack and white amidst the colors