A Neighborhood Croque Madame

Croque monsieur and croque madame - Classic Parisian cafe food and seriously delicious bites.The classic open-faced sandwich includes Gruyere cheese, thin slices of ham and a little bit of mustard or bechamel sauce. If you like fried eggs, the croque madame is for you, topping the sandwich with delicious, oozing yellow yolk.

If you find yourself in NYC, Buvette in the West Village serves up crunchy, buttery croque madames that are better than anything I tasted in Paris.

But back to Paris - Just around the corner from our place was La Palette, a St. Germain bistro that has been on the corner for decades. It's one of those places that Hemingway and Picasso hung out but is still an actual, authentic, real local favorite today (unlike many of Hemingway's or Julia Child's favorite spots that becaume tourist traps seving bad food). After sleeping in, we rolled in at around 11:45, ordered up a croque madame to split, and hot coffees, and enjoyed the lazy Sunday. Brunch isn't "a thing" in Paris, but it felt very brunch-y and fabulous. I can almost guarntee it will be one of your favorite spots in Paris too.

Address:43 Rue de Seine, 6th arr.

Metro: Mabillon, Odeon

The Tiny, Adorable Buvette in the West Village

On a recent day when New York was covered in snow, we trudged over to Buvette in the West Village. You all know I love cozy (wrote this piece about NYC cozy spots) but Buvette is the ultimate in cozy. It's so tiny and warm and buzzy, all wrapped up in a French/NYC vibe, serving an absolutely killer croque madame and blood-orange juice. Go early or the wait can be maddening.