In Praise of the Egg Sandwich (but not MORNING SICKNESS)

We just spent almost three weeks in Switzerland, a country I love and have now visited nearly 30 times. I always miss NYC immediately, until we get back and I remember how awful the subways are, and how nothing works, and the entire city is turning into a Duane Reade. But it's still magic. And one of my greatest loves is the egg sandwich.


I'm now 26 weeks pregnant, but the first four months were awful. Not only did I have terrible morning sickness until 18 weeks (THANKS A LOT, everyone who promised it would end at 12 weeks), but I had a stress fracture in my ankle, and was on crutches and a boot for six weeks. I went to Istanbul and Cappadocia for work, and could barely choke down white rice on most days. Of course, I love her (her!) already. We want her (desperately). But walking around in a jetlagged, puking, hazy, half-of-myself state was not fun.

HOWEVER, something that I was always able to eat in NYC was the egg sandwich.

Every deli has their version, but my favorite has always been from Lassen & Hennigs on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. Plain toasted roll (you might like a sesame seed roll, I don't), scrambled eggs, one slice of cheese (they normally put two on - personal preference), salt and pepper (must request!). It's the holy grail of simple egg sandwiches, the best ratio of egg/cheese/roll (unlike a bagel - too much dough).

Get yourself an egg sandwich, eat it on the Brooklyn Promenade with that killer view over lower Manhattan, and know you're experiencing one of New York's best (and cheapest) morning thrills.


The Brooklyn Promenade

With this news and rendering released yesterday about a 10-story hotel called "1 Hotel" being built at Brooklyn Bridge Park - I don't love the design! - I wanted to revisit one of my favorite spots in the world, The Brooklyn Promenade. As you may know, I absolutely love Brooklyn Heights and lead a 1.5 hour walking tour called Brooklyn Heights 101 (used to be once a month but much less with my travel schedule). The promenade is the neighborhood's crown jewel, with the rush of cars below on the BQE, incredible views of the bridge, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan.

My ideal evening would be walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, wandering over to the Promenade as the sun sets, dinner at Jack the Horse Tavern, Henry's End, or Siggy's, stopping by to see the Moonstruck house (oh I love Moonstruck), and ending the night on Montague Street for ice cream at Haagen-Daaz, their first retail location ever.

Classic lampLady Liberty! You'll always see kids climbing on the sphereTake a promenade along the promenadeStay awhileWalking back to the neighborhoodPerfect Brooklyn Heights cornerMoonstruck house - 19 Cranberry StreetWalking on the Brooklyn Bridge