More of Bath, England!

If you go to England, Bath has to be high on your list. It's an easy train from London (1.5 hours) so you can do a day trip like I wrote about here - the baths, The Pump Room, the Royal Crescent, Prior Park, Sally Lunn's, and more. I fell in love with this lovely, Georgian city and wanted to stay over.

This time, I had my parents in tow and we booked one night at The Abbey Hotel and I'd definitely stay again. There are fancier/more luxurious places in Bath, but this hotel has the BEST location literally around the corner from Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths, and an 8-minute walk from the train station. For a one-night stay, I want to be in the center of it all.

It's actually part of the Best Western umbrella but is independently owned (Best Western in Europe in general is much nicer than its U.S. counterparts). The people are so nice and the rooms are comfortable and big.

Lovely BathThe Royal CrescentI had long heard about a pub called The King's Arms in Monkton Farleigh, five miles outside of Bath, and decided that would be our dinner spot because we had a rental car. It's now called The Muddy Duck (big controversy with locals when they refurbished & renamed it) and definitely worth the drive or taxi out of town.

It checks off everything you want an English pub to be - funny, warm bartenders, local familes bringing their dogs for dinner, a crackling fire, good eats. In the summer months, there are tons of tables outside to lounge around on.

Parents at The Muddy DuckI'd add a few more recommendations from my last post - Stop by The Raven or Saracens Head for a drink after dinner, visit The Fine Cheese Co. for some tastes and treats, and just wander around the giant Waitrose in the center of town (I love foreign grocery stores!). I also went back to Highgrove, a shop that sells wares from Prince Charles' estate, and picked up a copy of his book, The Elements of Organic Gardening.

Highgrove Shop in BathHave you been to Bath? What did you love?