My Favorite Belt: Badichi in NYC

The past few trips (except for Nevis - who needs belts in the Caribbean), one item has always made its way into my luggage, a custom made Badichi belt that I got in the Village near my apartment.  I give major props to my friend Mel, who dragged me in and by the end, had made me a believer in belts.  Mel looks amazing in anything she puts on and really rocks a belt.  And I never wore belts until I discovered Badichi. You might be paralyzed by choice, but you can pick whatever color, type, and width of belt you want and pair it with whatever buckle looks good to you, from massively ostentatious to simple and classic. They'll fit it to you.  And it's not that expensive! Mine was $80 total.  The saleslady was really fun and never pushy.

So my lovely dark red leather Badichi belt has now seen London and the countryside of England, Florence, Venice, and the Amalfi Coast, Arizona, and Charleston. And it's going in my bag for Australia next week.