Adriana Trigiani's Favorite Hotels

I recently got to ask one of my favorite authors, Adriana Trigiani, a few questions about her favorite hotels. She is a dynamo, having sold millions of books and topping the New York Times bestseller list several times with the Big Stone Gap series and my favorite beach reads, Very Valentine and Brava, Valentine, set in Italy and New York.  I also love her "Viola" young adult series and Cooking With My Sisters, a collection of family recipes and stories. 

She's also practically my neighbor, living in the Village in New York City.  When I read on her website why she loved New York so much, I knew we could be friends.

Why do you love New York City so much?
Well, I need it! Every morning I wake up here I’m happy. I love my neighborhood (Greenwich Village), my stoop, the girls at D’Ags who make great coffee, my daughter’s school, her friends, the moms I’ve met through Lucia, the small shops, the magical winding streets-I could go on and on! I love grabbing a girlfriend and going up to Bergdorf’s for lunch. I love going to Little Italy and seeing my peeps who look like me. I love the theater, even when it’s bad. When it’s good-well, theaters like the Cherry Lane in Greenwich Village are loaded with history-it’s inspiring just to attend. I am jazzed through and through by this city. Underneath the energy, though, there is a pulse and I have a lot of energy and it just enhances my energy level. I feel I can do anything living in New York City. It’s spectacular.

And she was kind enough to take time out of her super busy schedule to answer a few questions for me!

What are some of your favorite hotels around the world?

Charlotte Street Hotel in London

Beverly Wilshire Los Angeles

What is the first thing you look at before you book a hotel? Do you choose specific ones for book research?

I look for comfort, service and elegance. The food has to be good and room service 24 hours.  When I'm researching a book, I'm a little more daring-I'll do inns and offbeat bed and breakfasts.  I love places filled with history.  I love books as part of the decor (i.e. The Charlotte Street hotel).

What is a hotel you must visit in your lifetime that you haven't been to yet?

Four Seasons George V in Paris

Do you have any favorite hotels & restaurants you recommend in New York City?

Restaurants in Greenwich Village--Valbella, Piccolo Angolo and Lievito's

Hotels--Love the Plaza Hotel


Favorite Hotels: Princess Prep Founder Jerramy Fine

Ever since reading Paddington and Mandy, I've been obsessed with the ideal of England.  Rainy days spent at museums or shopping at Harrod's, afternoon tea at London's top hotels, the accents, and of course, the royal family. 

I found a kindred spirit in Jerramy Fine and her hilarious and inspiring true story, Someday My Prince Will Come.  Jerramy grew up convinced she was meant to live in England, far from her Colorado hometown, and marry Peter Phillips (Prince William's cousin).  I could not put the book down, and felt like I was there through her trials and triumphs and never giving up on what she truly wanted. 

The book is not just for royal or London lovers, but for all who believe in the impossible.  For me, it's believing that I can create a career based on what I absolutely am obsessed with, hotels.

Jerramy has now founded Princess Prep, a luxury London sleep-away camp for 8-11 year old girls focusing on royal history, etiquette, London culture, the lives of modern-day princesses, the importance of thank-you notes, and more! I know you'll be as obsessed as I am with the idea after taking one look at the itinerary

I was so excited to talk to Jerramy about her favorite hotels and afternoon tea spots.  She's truly a London tastemaker!

What are your favorite hotels in London and why?

I've lived in London for 12 years so I've never really needed to stay in a hotel in my own city.  However, when friends or family come to visit me they always ask me to recommend somewhere that is conventient to central London, reasonably luxurious and (this is the hard part) affordable.  This sounds like a nearly impossible combination but I believe I have found two great contenders, High Road House and the The Colonnade Townhouse Hotel.

What are some of your other favorite hotels around the world and why?

Since you are a princess expert, where do you think modern-day princesses would love to stay today?

Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jaipur – This is still partly a royal residence so you can’t get more regal than this!

What are your favorite hotel afternoon teas? This is my favorite thing to do at hotels!

Me too! I've tried tea pretty much everywhere from the Ritz to Kensington Palace.  My favorites are Claridge's for elegance and the Soho Hotel for the coziness.