The Hotel I (Almost) Want To Keep Secret

Lounging before breakfast. 

Lounging before breakfast. 

But I won't because I loved this place so, so much. Because our time and money is precious. 

I love discovering places in Switzerland that I never would have known about, had I not been traveling with Alex - like Melchsee-Frutt outside of Lucerne. 

Views near Guarda Val. 

Views near Guarda Val. 

This hotel, Guarda Val in the Swiss mountain town of Lenzerheide, is Alpine perfection. Split among eleven 300-year-old chalet-style huts, it's a place that will envelop you. The breakfast is divine, their main restaurant is one of the best in town, they serve coffee and cake every afternoon in a soaring space with a fireplace, there is a beautiful small spa and jacuzzi outside (which they call an "open-air hot pot" - haha). You wake up to heart-stopping views, you're breathing in air that can heal you, you realize you want a simpler life (or maybe that's just me). 


Most of all, I loved discovering Lenzerheide. I had been to Arosa - which is now connected to Lenzerheide by cable car, making it one of Switzerland's largest ski areas. But Lenzerheide is pretty special - it's really primarily Swiss people who go here. 

Tip: I'd highly recommend a car to get to Lenzerheide in the canton of Graubünden - it's that rare place in Switzerland not connected by train. But you will be rewarded. And maybe I'll see you there this summer. 

7 Things I Loved About the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa, Switzerland

I recently returned from a whirlwind trip to the Swiss Alps, including the village of Arosa, which I hadn't heard of before this trip. In Arosa, we stayed at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel, one of those hotels that I really hated to leave. I woke up early on the day we left, just so I could have more time on my balcony, to sink into the cashmere-covered chairs in the lobby, and to linger over the breakfast buffet. Let's meet there next time...I already miss it!

1. My room view

2. These Hermès chairs that could double as pieces of art in the lobby.

3. My hand-painted blue door. Each floor had a different color scheme, with hand-painted hallways and doors. So beautiful!

4. This pasta at La Collina (one of five restaurants) for lunch - Tagliatelle with lime sauce, fried shrimps and young spinach

5. Sledging down the mountain!! The hotel has a private railway, the Tschuggen Express, which zips you up the mountain in less than three minutes. So awesome.

6. BOWLING ALLEY! You can't come to Switzerland without indulging in fondue at least once. On the bottom floor of the hotel is Bündnerstube. And after inhaling way too many chunks of bread dipped in cheese, you can shuffle over to the mini bowling alley (it's IN the restaurant!).

7. The spectacular spa designed by Mario Botta!