Our Apartment in Paris

What will I do when I'm not within walking distance of Poilâne Bread here in Paris? How will I survive without daily visits to grab le petit pain aux raisins? It feels like MY neighborhood!

While we stayed in a (gorgeous) hotel for the first two nights, we also wanted that living-like-a-local experience that is so popular for travelers right now. Upon recommendation of my aunt, we used Paris Perfect and had the best experience start to finish. The location in the 6th arr. is fantastic - everything we've loved most in Paris is right outside our door. And we are a three-minute walk from two of my favorite cafes - La Palette and Cafe de Flore.

Our apartment is gorgeous. The owner works for Sotheby's and lives in London and I wish I had his taste (I beg my friends for design help). For cons, the bathroom is in a little alcove above the kitchen and you have to sit down when you take a shower but I suppose that's part of the charm of a 17th-century building (Yep. Hundreds of years old. Thankfully, the WiFi is fast).

It's all about location in Paris and we chose carefully. I am already sad to leave my "home!"

*This table quickly became covered with loads of our belongings, swept off the table for when we cooked at home. But it looks so pretty in this picture!*

Harrod's Food Hall, London

During my apartment stay with onefinestay in South Kensington, I wasn't feeling up for a dinner out.  My plans of cooking in the great kitchen were scrapped because of time so I decided to hit Harrod's Food Hall.  which was a ten-minute walk from the apartment, for takeaway. Harrod's has been in operation since 1834, and now sells floors of gorgeous clothes, makeup, toys and home goods, plus it's gigantic food hall consisting of multiple rooms.

I had been to the food hall before and almost been crushed, but going an hour before they close is the best time to go. There is room to wander without having to duck through crowds and everyone is really helpful. I just wanted a giant salad and they have the best make-your-own. I spent at least 30 minutes browsing in their insane tea section and trying coffee. If you want an easy gift, there's olive oil, salts, biscuits, jam, wine, chocolate, candy, and like the rest of London, stacks of Diamond Jubilee gear (think shortbread with a big, smiling photo of the Queen on the tin).

My Apartment in London

For one night, I have my own apartment in London!  I did something a little different last night-stayed in an apartment arranged by onefinestay. The neighborhood is South Kensington, one of the neighborhoods I would choose to live in if I actually lived in London. I picked up dinner at Harrod's Food Hall last night (an easy ten-minute walk) and it felt great to do something similar to what I'd do at home.  I still love hotels the best, but this is a great alternative.  Best of all, they give you a local iPhone with UNLIMITED data on the phone and unlimited calls within the UK.  I am constantly using my MB's with my maps when traveling and to be able to have unlimited usage is awesome.  Oh, and there's a washing machine!  I'll post all the photos when I get home.

Queen's Gate Gardens, London