The Oberoi Amarvilas at The Taj Mahal

I wrote here about how awe-inspiring it was to see The Taj Mahal. I often talk about being underwhelmed by certain destinations and famous landmarks (Pisa, the Mona Lisa, Italy when it's 110 degrees out), but The Taj Mahal exceeded every expectation. And the only hotel to stay at is The Oberoi Amarvilas. You only need one night, and with every room facing The Taj Mahal you can admire the gleaming white marble at every time of day from the comfort of your room. Wake up to watch the sun hit the minarets, tour the monument during the day, and return to watch the sunset over it. If you want to go to dinner at the hotel or enjoy a cocktail on the terrace, the views are there too.  It is built to show off India's most famous attraction to visitors from around the world and does it very, very well.

Pool Complex with Taj Mahal in the distance

Entrance to Amarvilas


Table for Two with a View



Living Area in Room

Lobby Bar

View from Terrace

Taj Mahal

Looking from the Taj Mahal to the entrance of the complex