The Pretty Market Town of Adare, Ireland


Adare is such a pretty little market down in the west of Ireland, south of Limerick. I met my parents here and we wandered around for a few hours but I definitely could have stayed a night or two, either at the gorgeous Adare Manor ($$$$$) or the quaint little Dunraven Arms (less $$$). 

First up - we walked to Adare Manor. The photo opps here are Irish countryside perfection. I'd recommend eating lunch at The Carriage House which overlooks the golf course but you most definitely should stalk the main building, which is STUNNING.


Can you just sink into these chairs in the Adare Manor library? Dreamy.


I pretty much love everything about this gorgeous pink room.


And the indoor pool is fantastic (I'm such a pro hotel stalker - I march around like I own the place).


Once you've had your fill of Irish manor life, the cute town has some worthy distractions, like tiny shops....


And very relaxing parks....


And finally, Aunty Lena's, which was our favorite pub in town. Great food, great prices, and good Irish craic.