Updated Rome Guide


Alex and I recently went to Rome on a last-minute trip. From Switzerland, we took the high-speed train down to Italy – something I will never STOP feeling giddy about. It's just so glamorous for someone who dreamed endlessly of Europe, especially when I was in high school. 

Though I wanted to tack on a day trip to Orvieto or the beach, we decided to just stay in Rome for five full nights and really get to know the city again. 

Rome is another one of those cities, like Paris, where it took me some time to fall in love with it. Again, like Paris, I was broke and overheated the first time I went. It's not enough that you're "in Italy" – visiting the Colosseum in July can be miserable. 

My best tip is to go in the off-season. You'll still be surrounded by tourists, because it's Rome, but it feels so much better. 

Guide to Italy and Rome (including places I didn't like!)