The Lucerne Carnival

I can't escape Donald Trump anywhere I go. He's everywhere, including the Lucerne Carnival in Switzerland, flailing around, looking orange. He's on that stage in the picture below, hiding behind Kermit the Frog.


We happened to be in Lucerne this year during Carnival for (very sad) family reasons, but I am happy I got to experience something that meant a lot to Alex - and most locals in Lucerne - growing up. There is a long history, and today families spend months getting ready, making their costumes, planning their Carnival look. Think Halloween, but calmer and nicer, on the whole. Think dad and kid as matching giraffes. 


For all the costumes and merriment, my favorite discovery was Fasnachtschüechli, which is the typical Swiss carnival snack - bites of lightly fried dough topped with crunchy bits of sugar. 

But us non-Swiss, non-German speaking folk can't really say it. 

Here, Alex tells you how to say it. 

So there you go. Practice a few times, and you'll be ready to pick up a few little boxes at the local Migros or Coop grocery stores. 



Beautiful, wintry Lucerne

Beautiful, wintry Lucerne

Next year's carnival is Feb 28-March 5, 2019.