Stone Barns Agricultural Center

Blue Hill Farm is one of those places that New Yorkers love. People make pilgrimages from all over the world to visit and dine here. Dan Barber (featured on Chef's Table) opened this foodie wonderland in 2004, just as America's farm-to-table obsession was really kicking off. Located an hour's drive outside in the city in Pocantino Hills near Tarrytown, it's dinner that has been chronicled and covered a thousand times. You pay $258 per person, and have to jump on reserving a table 60 days ahead. 

I've had dinner here once, but what I didn't realize is that you can go up and spend the day at the Stone Barns Center, the same location as Blue Hill. I highly recommend this. On summer weekends, they charge you $20 admission, which includes a full day of activities. You won't be able or want to do everything (carrot weeding, anyone?) but there are some interesting and fun options - like egg collecting, duck herding, and a basic overview tour. You can also eat fantastic food at the casual cafe with outdoor seating - like the best baked goods and mini frittatas in the morning, and sandwiches and salads at lunch. 

If only June weekends could stretch out forever. 

Happy Chickens 

Happy Chickens