For Magazine Lovers in NYC

I went through a long period where not a single magazine inspired me - they all looked the same and had similar stories. They all seemed out of touch, featuring annoying "lifestyle experts," recipes I would never try, or clothes I wouldn't wear (even if I could afford all of them). But lately, I've been inspired again and one catalyst was revisiting SoHo News International, at the corner of Prince & Sullivan in NYC.


It's this tiny little magazine wonderland, filled with thousands of titles and divided by category - science, art, teens, photography, interiors, home, fashion, food, movies, kids, business, travel, British, Italian, German, and MORE. I can pick up copies of Frankie, my favorite magazine from Australia, The Spectator from London, or The Paris Review to feel super smart and literary. 

I've spent most of my career working at or around travel magazines and I KNOW how much work goes into creating one. To think of the thousands of creative people working to put out these titles - it just makes me happy and hopeful every time I step in here.

They also have the nicest people working there. If you need a quick, inspiring pick-me-up (the smell of magazines and paper does it for me!), this is the spot.