Peaking in Hong Kong

Recently, I stayed in Hong Kong for three nights, with only one free afternoon. Major tease. I was there for my third Virtuoso Symposium, a travel conference where I learn so much and want to hang out with everyone.

The skyline of Hong Kong is unbelievable. I live in New York, where the skyline takes my breath away, but it feels like a labrador puppy compared to Hong Kong's. You just can't believe it's real - and you feel its energetic, sultry vibe almost immediately.

I managed to hop on The Peak Tram for a panoramic, WOW view of Hong Kong. We stopped for ice cream with caramel popcorn on top (!) in the blazing heat. I visited several gorgeous hotels but stayed on the Island Shangri-La club level, in a room which made my heart jump whenever I looked out the window.

They do fancy things like change the elevator carpet to reflect the day of the week. This was helpful, as multiple time zone changes had me waking up in a fog shaking around a bit to remember where I was.

Click through the gallery below, if you'd like to see a few photos!