A New York Love Affair

In many ways, the past few months have been the most difficult of my life. Someday, I hope I'll feel strong enough to detail all of it in a more public way, but I do know when I look back that I will see it as a life-altering, life-changing summer. Have you ever felt that? That while you're going through it - you KNOW it is changing the course of your life? Which is part of the reason why I haven't been on here.

There is one thing that I'm more sure of than ever - how much I love my job and the industry I work in. Nothing is consistent or really ever clear but I love it.

Plus, I've been working on a site redesign with the amazing Kelly Christine Studio - can't wait to have it up very, very soon!

Fall travel is about to begin and I've been soaking up every minute in New York City. It happens every year around this time - I fall madly in love with living here again. 

I head to Riviera Maya tomorrow for ILTM Americas - a conference with some of the best people in luxury travel. Really, I just want chips, guacamole and a big margarita and to meet some great new friends and see old ones.

I hope you have some adventures planned this fall - and I'll see you back here with a brand new design soon!