Coming Up: The Hundred in Dallas

Many of you may know Lauren Knight, otherwise known as Aspiring Kennedy. She's an amazing lifestyle blogger living in London, but she's also amazing in REAL LIFE too! (Have you met "online peeps" that are not as...personable as their online personas might indicate? I have met a few!)

Funny story.

I was in London and my good friend Adrienne said, "Hey you should really check out Aspiring Kennedy. She has some great London tips."

I trust Adrienne so I started clicking away and got lost in the world of Lauren's London, her trips across Europe and her baby Viola. I decided to look this chick up on Facebook.

We had a friend in common that I happened to know very well. My husband, Andy.

Maybe he could hook us up! Then I remembered that I had already met Lauren for a HOT SECOND at an event in Dallas years ago, introduced by Andy.

I reached out. We met up in Notting Hill at Electric Diner. Insta-buds! 

This is Lauren, not at Electric Diner, but at some other lovely London spot that I can't remember...there was coffee and almond croissants, so naturally we loved it.

photo 4 copy 2.jpg

Lauren and three awesome other bloggers are hosting an event in Dallas (where I used to live) in August called The Hundred. If you love Good People and community like I do, and learning about entrepreneurship, blogging, content creation and more, you will fit right in. Even if you hate all those things, but like LIFE, I'm pretty sure you'll fit right in too.

I will be speaking about travel, media, my work - and finding your passion in general! Plus, there will be hang time and time for Q&A.

See you soon - I hope!