The Lakes District - Eerie Buttermere

About 20 minutes from Keswick is Buttermere, winning the award for the eeriest moment of my trip. We were there in the off-season so everything was tinted grey and was windy. I chose to visit Buttermere because there is a flat, easy, four-mile walking loop around the lake that I knew my parents could do.

But when we got there, I snapped a few photos and was ready to head back to civilization. In the summer, I am sure it must be gorgeous. But it was JUST. SO. QUIET. Quiet is something I crave when I leave NYC but this was just a litttttle too quiet. I am happy we went and saw it though - it is really beautiful...with a definite "Land Before Time" vibe (Littlefoot!!). 

I did pick up my favorite souvenir from the trip thanks to the Buttermere jaunt - slate cheese boards from the Honister Slate Mine.

On the way to or from Buttermere from Keswick, you'll pass the mine, which offers daily tours and has quite a long history. Slate has been mined here for over 700 years in some capacity. We didn't have time to do that, but I loved the gift shop.