Beverly Hills Juice Club

Mixed Green with Banana-MannaI've returned to Beverly Hills Juice Club three times on this trip alone. The juice trend is crazy and I jumped on board a long time ago. But this version is my favorite in all the world - because they turn it into something that tastes like dessert.

You can make any of their juices a BANANA-MANNA version. They will blend the juice with a frozen banana/almond concoction (you can also get frozen banana with sunflowers or cacao) to make it sweet, frothy, and icy. I love the Mixed Green or Big Ten juice for a great breakfast or the Apple Cinnamon or Apple Strawberry for an even sweeter treat.

I KNOW you will become addicted too! Everything's organic so you can feel especially great about your drink. Also, they've been around since 1975 so stepping in is a bit like stepping into 70's L.A. with the white tiles. I guess it's technically Beverly Hills but it feels more like Mid-Cities/West Hollywood - it's all super close.

Beverly Hills Juice Club: 8382 Beverly Blvd (cash only)

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