Not The Hotel But Still The Four Seasons (Restaurant)

Crab Cakes...that look like potatoesFor my birthday this year, Andy surprised me with tickets to THE most incredible magic show at The Waldorf-Astoria, and a reservation at The Four Seasons Restaurant. Certain restaurants in New York are tailor-made for special occasions (like Eleven Madison Park last year) and this is one of them, open since 1959 in Midtown.

The setting is magical through and through. At lunch, it's all power lunching and billionaires in the Grill Room. At dinner, you must eat in the dimly lit Pool Room, where the room is anchored by guessed it...a small pool (it's also where Bethenny Frankel got that didn't last long). You walk past a giant Picasso on the way to the dining room, and then enter into what feels like a super swanky greenhouse with palm trees and the pool in the center of the room.

PicassoIt's about the iconic city setting, not the food, here, which is still great (crab cakes=90% crab). Oh, but it is about the little bowl of cherry tomatoes they bring out with the bread. Pop those things like candy because they'll keep bringing more out.

Cherry TomatoesService was uneven. Ok it sucked. The waiter was nice enough but we never saw him. We weren't ordering $1,000 bottles of wine like many of the other tables, so I'm thinking we were low on his priority list. Still, it's always disappointing when the setting is so perfect. But we're both pretty content travelers and still had a wonderful evening.

They should bring out cotton candy at the end if you tell them it's a special occasion. Don't miss the feeling of being 8 years old at the fair, with sticky fingers and sugar melting in your mouth. Yum.