Ireland: A Flat Tire in Slane

Here's what happened when we got a flat tire on one of our cars in Ireland. I never want to return to the town of Slane. It's where you go to see Newgrange, the famous monolithic ruins that are older than the Pyramids in Egypt, but the hoodlums (group of 5 disgusting, mean teenage boys) in town yelling things made Slane a place we all wanted to quickly leave.

My brother goes to find the hubcap that fell off after they ran over a pothole.

Brother presents hubcap

A random, sweet dog showed up. This happens in Ireland a lot because for some reason, they just let their dogs wander around town on busy streets.

We hang with the dog.

Luggage is removed to find the spare and the work begins (I snapped photos).

My mom brings the dog into the area where our cars are. My dad proceeds to do most of the tire changing work (this almost makes me want to learn how to change one. Almost).

The spare is on!